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Every week, Benefits Briefing brings insights about healthcare reform, retirement planning, executive compensation and business continuity planning to employee benefits professionals across Arizona. If you’re one of them, we invite you to consider joining us as an on-air guest.

We’ll provide you with an unrivaled opportunity to share your expert opinions about the legal, financial, regulatory, economic and business challenges facing Arizona employers today.

You'll be heard by the tens of thousands of listeners who join us for our live broadcasts each week, along with the thousands more who visit our Website to listen to our previous broadcasts.

We'll also promote your participation in our pre-show publicity and include links to your Website on our Benefits Briefing home page.

Our goal is to inform and educate our listeners by sharing the widest possible spectrum of industry perspectives. So we welcome guests from the healthcare provider, insurance, trade organization and business communities, as well as from the ecosystem of lawyers, accountants, actuaries and financial firms that support them.

While we plan the overall content of our shows well in advance, we can be flexible when it comes to scheduling. So we’ll always try to plan your appearance to coincide with a show that spotlights your particular area of expertise. We’ll also work closely with you before the show to ensure that you’re fully prepared and entirely comfortable.

Becoming a guest is easy. Simply fill out and submit the contact form. We'll follow up with you shortly to discuss the possibilities.