Case Study 2: Scottsdale Cultural Council

Ironically, when companies begin to tighten their belts, it’s often the human resources department that’s among the first to see a reduction in staff. This was the case at the Scottsdale Cultural Council.

According to HR Manager Valerie James, Hynes Benefits Consulting, LLC was first engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis of the Council’s employee benefits plans in 2008. “It was clear to our executive team and the Board of Trustees that we needed to offer a competitive benefits package if we wanted to attract and retain the most qualified employees,” she explains. “Our company was so impressed with the depth of their research and the clarity of their conclusions; we decided to retain HBC as our employee benefits consultant and broker for our health and welfare benefits.”

Soon afterwards, Valerie found herself shouldering the HR function nearly on her own due to a company-wide reduction in staff. “When I lost my full-time assistant, I worried that the administrative load I was already carrying would become overwhelming,” she says now. “Fortunately, HBC was there to support me every step of the way.”

One of HBC’s first moves was to arrange a cooperative funding agreement with the Council’s insurance carriers, which provided Valerie with free access to BeneTrac, an Internet-based electronic enrollment and benefit management system.”This was a lifesaver,” says Valerie. “BeneTrac dramatically streamlines our administrative processes, allowing me to focus more on strategic planning and programming for our staff members.”

However, this was just the start of HBC’s ongoing support. “I was thrilled when HBC partnered with us to become a virtual extension of our HR department. They’re always willing to step in when we have a concern or need assistance with a carrier or a problematic claim. HBC’s support and customer service have been truly exceptional. They are a partner I can rely on.”

Recently, Valerie asked HBC to help the Council improve how they communicate with employees about their benefits options. “HBC provided us with customized brochures that clearly explain the options available to our employees and how to make the most of those benefits for their individual or family needs. This significantly reduced the number of questions we had to field during the open enrollment process.  These materials also help with recruitment by clearly and professionally communicating the advantages of working for the Council.”

All successful relationships, including business partnerships, are based on mutual trust and open communication. “HBC brings a level of personal engagement and attention to detail to the Council that is truly unique,” says Valerie. “I’m reminded of this every year when HBC presents the results of its annual benefits review and analysis. Their recommendations are always sound, informative and based on solid data. I really appreciate the time they devote to answering our questions and explaining the pros and cons of our benefits options. HBC is a true business partner.”