Our Approach: We Support You Every Step of the Way

Hynes Benefits Consulting, LLC supports you every step of the way, from initial analysis through plan renewal. We’ve developed a strategic consulting model that enables us to address every aspect of your benefit needs in a rigorous, efficient and comprehensive way. We call this proprietary quality management system “The HBC Benefits Lifecycle.”

Here’s an overview:
1. Strategy is our rigorous process for identifying and evaluating your benefit require

ments, financial goals and risk management profile. This includes a thorough analysis of your current benefits plan, risk exposure, actuarial analysis and forecasting.

2. Planning allows us to transform strategic requirements into actionable programs. This includes producing plan requirements, crafting an RFP, selecting carriers, evaluating their quotes and entering into contracts.

3. Execution is how we efficiently implement your benefits programs. We’ll guide you through a seamless transition from previous plans and develop the brochures and other communications materials you need to inform and educate your employees about their benefits options.

4. Management refers to our day-to-day administration of your programs. This encompasses all activities required to monitor and enforce contracts, resolve claims issues and ensure that you’re receiving full value from your benefits investment.

5. Optimization is how we ensure that your benefits programs meet your expectations, exceed industry norms and arm you with the competitive advantage you need to succeed. This includes a full financial analysis, evaluation of plan performance against goals, and recommendations for improvements as we prepare for the next benefits lifecycle.